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. . "Skipping rocks in the brook, or on the margin of the pond, I was in truth in my element. The snags of the woods were my landmarks, and I knew every hill and every tree by heart. In the morning when I went forth to ramble, I took the woods with me, and when at noon I returned, I brought them all back with me again. I found my greatest pleasure in the way the light fell through the wood-crowned mountain on the beach, as it were through an open east window. In the forest I was free from the limits of time, and transcended my short and narrow individuality. I was a part of the forest as the fish is a part of the water." Housed at Walden, Thoreau wrote in his journal from May 16, 1845 to July 28, 1846 that "I set my affections to the woods, and my house on the banks of Walden Pond. I put up at the forest camp, and consider myself as much at home as if I had been stabled in the woods." Here he would "sew my house" by building "green boughs" into a "wooden cabin". Although Thoreau and his neighbors argued over the noise and cost of this new construction, his new house became a "central and commanding structure" in the wilderness. From this new base, he was able to begin his life's writing. Thoreau wrote in the journal that he kept from 1847 to 1861 that his beliefs in civil disobedience had been confirmed in and through this house. In this novel, Thoreau gave himself a new place to begin his writings. Walden became the title of his book and the essay that he wrote about his stay in the woods. He had written about "Economy" the year before, but this was a new genre for Thoreau, an extended essay. He would write later, when he learned about the story of the Evangelist, John Bunyan, that the first part of his stay was, as he says, "like Bunyan's pilgrim". Thoreau moved to the woods to "wage a solitary warfare against usury", to practice and to teach "an ideal economy of life." Thoreau then left Walden Pond and went to live in the town of Concord. In the town, Thoreau worked to make a living and to live in a way that demonstrated his allegiance




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Pacific Rim 2013 Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio Brrip 720153

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